Our Partners


Our Farms

We buy vegetables from more than 24 small, family-owned farms throughout the year.  Some of our farmers have been selling us food for more than 20 years. Some are recent upstarts.  All of them are unique, and we work with each individual farm for unique reasons.  Some are certified organic.  Some are too small to make it worth their time.  We don't rely on third-party certification to tell us whether a farm is treating their land right.  We try to visit every single farm every year to see what is growing and how they are working their special piece of earth.  Some we visit almost every month!  

Our values are simple:  

  • Let the farmer grow what they grow well-  Even though we run a whole-animal butcher shop, it is the vegetables that drive our seasonal menus.  Great meat is a given.  The ever-changing variety of fresh veg that walks through our doors daily which inspires us to create our dishes.
  • Quality=flavor- If we get the absolute best vegetables from the best farmers in our region, the best thing we can do is stay out of their way.  We treat our vegetables as gently as possible, to let them speak for themselves.  Getting the best ingredients means the best flavor...the flavor of that magic moment when the carrot is first pulled from the soil, or the bean is first snapped from the vine.

  • Relationship=mutual benefit- By buying direct from our farmers, we have the chance to work with them on how they grow, pack, and deliver the goods.  We also get to make sure that the full cost of the food goes directly to them.  This helps ensure that they can earn a living wage for themselves and their employees.

  • Locality is key.  One of the best benefits in buying direct from our farmers is that we get our vegetables delivered within a day of their harvest...this means you get the freshest, most delicious vegetables on your plate.

We don't plaster our farms' names across our menus, because we don't want to make them a sales point.  We hope you enjoy the food because it is delicious.  If you'd like to know where any ingredient on your plate came from, please ask.  We try to make sure that everyone knows exactly who brought us each ingredient.  And we are proud to offer each and every bite on behalf of our farms.

Our Meats

We get 100% of our Pork and Beef from our partnered ranches, through our own USDA processing facility, here in the Willamette Valley.  We break down whole animals in our butcher shop, and produce every piece of meat we serve -that's the burger, the bacon, the ham, the pates, slim jims, corned beef, on and on and on.  We don't cheat by ordering extra cases of meat to supplement our menu.  

100% of our beef comes from Hawley Ranch Natural Meats, in Cottage Grove, OR.

Our beef is:

  • 100% pasture-raised. No grain in their feed whatsoever.

  • No hormones, steroids or antibiotics

  • Bred and raised on-ranch for their whole lives

  • Raised on a fifth-generation family-owned ranch, continuously raising beef since 1852 (that was 7 years before Oregon became a state)!

100% of our Pork comes from Rieben Family Farms, in Banks, OR.  

Our pork is:

  • Raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics

  • All-natural

  • Bred on-farm, raised their whole life on-farm

  • Fed grain that is raised on their farm, stored and milled weekly on-farm.

  • Raised on a third-generation family-owned farm which has been operating since 1894!

We make things the right way -the hard way- the slow way. An we think you can taste the difference.  We fully believe the reason our Hamburger won the title of best burger in Portland was because of the beef.  We don't add anything to the patty except salt, when it hits the grill.  We let it stand for itself, because the meat is so rich and delicious.  

If you have more questions about our meats, please ask.  We love to talk about what we do, and we are very proud of how we do it!


Our Guild

We are partnered with a wide network of syndicated producers in our region who are all dedicated to craft production and mutual benefit of local producers.  Access is our key tenant -helping you get the great things we use and make.  Some are grain farmers, some are ranches, a meat processing facility, Portland's best brewery, our butcher shop, on and on.

We all work together to help process and distribute the bounty of our region.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you know about all of the amazing things that we are using, and to make sure you know where to get it.  

Some of our main Partners:

We work with these folks because they do things the right way as well.  We know where they buy (or grow!) their grain, how they handle their cattle, how the source their hops, and why they work so hard to do things the right way.  We stand behind our partnerships because we stand for common goals -access, quality, and mutual benefit of everyone in our community!